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Naraka Chaturdasi

The most important ritual of the Naraka Chaturdashi is, people wake up early in the morning (before sunrise) or during moonrise, apply ubtan (made up of til oil, herbs, flowers as well as some crucial elements) on their body and take holy bath or Abhyang Snan. Diwali is a well known festival but have you ever heard about Naraka Chaturdasi. Naraka Chaturdasi is a festival that is celebrated a day before the Diwali every year. The exact date of the Naraka Chaturdasi keeps changing like the date of all the festivals in India. Get access to all Naraka chaturdasi, Narak chaturdashi puja, Naraka chaturdashi messages, Naraka chaturdashi story, what to do on narak chaturdashi.

Festival    Naraka Chaturdasi

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